Clinical Engineering

Clinical Engineering is a knowledge field that descends from biomedical and it focus on health technology management, using engineering knowledge and management techniques to provide an improvement in patient caring.


We provide all clinical engineering services, where it needs management strategy, for technology lifespan, maximizing with security the assistance team work through the idea of promoting a department or inhouse sector within EAS, always using good practices to get better results.

Our Team RKP Clinical Engineering

Is made of qualified professionals, which are capable to perform preventive and corrective maintenance routine or checks or calibrations maintenance routines as well, with greater agility and proximity to the applicant assistance sector also with reliability and didactic guidance.

Some examples of Clinical Engineering inside health institutes:

  • Control the medical-hospital assets and their components;
  • Help in acquiring and recognition of new technologies;
  • Train personnel to maintenance (technicians) and equipment operation (operators);
  • Indicate, prepare and control preventive/corrective maintenance contracts;
  • Carry out preventive and corrective maintenance of medical-hospital equipment, in relation to the institution;
  • Control and follow the services of preventive/corrective maintenance made by external companies;
  • Stablish control and security measures on the hospital environment, with regards to medical-hospital equipment;
  • Stablish routines to improve the lifespan of medical-hospital equipment
  • Assist in computerization projects, related to medical-hospital equipment;
  • Implement and control the measurement quality, inspection and trial runs, ISO-9001 of equipment, in regards of medical-hospital equipment;
  • Calibrate and adjust the medical-hospital equipment, according to known standards;
  • Carry out medical-hospital equipment evaluation of obsolescence, among others;
  • Present productivity reports of all related management and maintenance of medical-hospital equipment aspects – also known as indexes of quality and/or production.
Take the opportunity to clarify all your doubts and see how us of RKP Clinical Engineering can help your Clinic / Hospital to reach better results
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