Calibrations (Tracked by RBC)

RKP issues traceable calibration certifications meeting the quality systems requirement. For that, it has specific equipment assets to calibrate medical equipment.

What is a Calibration Certificate?

The Calibration Certificate is a document, forged because of calibrations operations, issued by a Calibration Lab which has their processes suitable to NBR ISO/IEC 17025, and has their reference patterns tracked by national (Inmetro/RBC) or international bodies.

What is it for?

Its goal is to provide to the client, the equipment measurement flaws in the calibration moment. By knowing the flaws on its measurement tool, the client could correct them in the moment of using it, therefore making the measurement more accurate and more reliable.

Our Calibration Certificates:

- Are issued in physical form and go with the product, making the material checking easier upon receiving the equipment.

- It has a unique number by calibration, assuring its identification by calibrated equipment.

- It has traceability to Brazilian Network of Calibration (RBC) – They follows all quality standards, among them ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO/IEC 17025, RDC59, Government Technical Ordinances and others

- They strictly follow each measurement instrument reference standards.

- They have a calibration date and the name of who did it, for information traceability.

- They don’t have a due date (the client must stablish, based on their quality system)

See some Equipment that we did the Calibration service

Anesthesia machine, Electrical Scalpel, Blood Coagulation Monitor

Cardioverter, Defibrillator, O2 Concentration Monitor

EKG machine, sphygmomanometer, Intracranial Pressure Monitor, Incubator, Pacemaker, Multiparameter Monitor (with ETC02), Multiparameter Monitor (without ETC02), Medical Ventilator

Medical Centrifuge Calibration, Scales

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